Performance Horses
Crescent, OK

Jeanne Dial

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Rider Fee $300

Audit Fee $25

Stuck in a riding rut? Do you want to be the best rider that you can be? Would you like your horse to be safer and more respectful? Looking for easy to learn training techniques without abuse or intimidation?

You should attend a Clinic if:

• You want to learn to make your horse understand what you want him to do.
• Video horse training doesn’t address your particular problem.
• You don’t know what to do next.
• You enjoy spending time with your horse and want him to be respectful and safer to handle.
• You want to learn how to effectively communicate with your horse by learning to read the language of the horse.
• You would like your horse to be smooth and easy to ride.
• You want your cues to be nearly invisible, like your horse is reading your mind.
• You and your horse are ready to move ahead in your training.
• You'd like your horse to like you more.
• You want to learn the most unique system available today in learning to train your own horse with simple, logical and easy to learn steps.

Come to a clinic and learn the real deal on...

• Why a young horse may not be right for you.
• How to determine how the fit of your saddle and bit and other equipment, affect your horse’s performance, and how to make it better.
• How to gain your horse's respect on the ground and why it's essential to building a solid, bomb-proof foundation.
• How groundwork makes your riding more effective.
• How easy it is to fix even the spookiest horse for good!
• Learn the logical progression of teaching your horse based on what they already know and do!
• What it means for a horse to be soft and supple under saddle and how it will help you be safer and more confident as a rider! Banish fears and limitations once & for all!
• What it's like to ride a luxury car with hooves and how you can accomplish incredible things with your horse!
• Learn everything you need to know to turn your horse into a willing partner! Jeanne will share with you her proven techniques for safely and effectively turning your horse's into a willing partner.
• You will learn how to teach your horse so you can fix things before they go wrong and enjoy having your horse.

Training Course I : AUTHORITY
This clinic is your introduction to Gang Performance Horses Training. If you are new to riding or returning to the saddle after many years, this course is designed to teach you 5 simple principles to move and control every part of your horse from their head to their tail for a safe riding experience. Through these clearly defined steps taught on the ground, then astride, you will see how easy for you to teach your own horse. If you never took another lesson or attended another clinic, these 2 days would give you all the basic information you will ever need. This is the step that gives you authority over your horse to make them a willing and safe partner. Tuition: $350.
Auditors: $35/day. $100 confirms enrollment 

Training Course II : INTUITION
This 3 day course is for riders who have successfully completed our Training Course 1 and want to continue to learn more. This is western riding using many dressage principles. You will increase your knowledge of balance and communication to make your horse soft and responsive to your cues. Your horse will never be easier to ride. Learn how to read what your horse is telling you. Are they confused, mad, accepting, understanding, now you will know. You will become a more secure and confident rider — feeling comfortable at all gaits. Tuition: $600. Limit: 10 riders. Auditors: $45/day. $350 confirms enrollment

Horsemanship III : MASTERY
This week long Course is for riders who have completed our Gang Performance Horses Training Courses I & II and desire an in-depth knowledge of horse training and performance. This course incorporates everything you applied as the foundation of this course. This course refines everything to the point it looks like the horse is reading your mind in response to your cues. You will experience how truly indescribable it is to train a horse to this level. Tuition: $1250. Limit: 10 riders.
Auditors welcome @ $55/day. $500 confirms enrollment -

Make Trail Riding Safe and Fun
This course will give you the knowledge, the techniques and the confidence to safely trail ride on your own or plan a fun trail riding trip with family or friends! The week’s finale is traveling to and riding at the beautiful Roman Nose State Park. Tuition: $1,595. $250 confirms enrollment 

Customized Program
These sessions are for Donnie & Jeanne's students who have studied their methods for two or more years. The personalized classes and curriculum will be based upon the needs of the riders and horses. Lateral and collection training, lead changes and training for the show ring, trails and over fences are some of the topics offered. Pricing based on customized package—please contact for more information. $250 confirms enrollment

Make plans for a customized clinic at your own facility!  Donnie & Jeanne are available throughout the year to travel to your location to work with your horse club, association, stable or private group of equestrians. Clinics are open to you as riding students and/or auditing participants.  The Gang's  will assist in customizing the clinic to your own specific needs and desires.